Changes in Wildlife Rehabilitation

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Lisa from Kritters, Inc., our local wildlife rehabilitation organization is unable to take all injured or baby wild life. 

Lisa, Fisheries and Wildlife and the local police department are called about injured or found  wildlife throughout the day. The animals are picked up by one of the three departments and brought to BAH if medical attention is needed.  Once we asses them and decide on their fate: medical  treated or  humanely euthanized, they are sent to Lisa to be fed until they are strong enough to be released.  Unfortunately, this is an endless and demanding job.  The donations are not enough to provide care for all our wildlife so Lisa has set limits on what she and her assistance will take from BAH. 

If wildlife is injured or ill, we will take them and asses them.  Lisa will no longer take uninjured baby birds ( unless it is a woodpecker or raptor), rabbits or raccoons.  The following babies will still be rehabilitated by helpers:
Squirrels, opossum, bats & fawn,

Breeze Animal Hospital cannot keep wildlife longer than the time needed to provide medical attention.  We are sorry for this, but a few individuals in the community cannot provide all the care needed for our wildlife.  If you find uninjured baby birds leave them where they are, many are fledglings (learning how to fly) and the parent birds are still feeding them.