Trotter Cancer Fund

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      Cancer is a terrible disease that we are seeing way to frequent in our canine friend's. It breaks our hearts when we have to share the sad news to one of our special clients that their canine companion has this awful disease. The Trotter Cancer Fund is inspired by a very special canine, my canine son, who touched alot of hearts throughout his life. If you ever had the opportunity to meet Trotterman you can be sure that he made you smile and/or laugh. He spent many hours in the community as a pet therapy dog visiting places like Sim's Veterans Home, Gulf Coast Hospital, and anywhere from the local elementary schools to the Girls Club, he also enjoyed playing flyball, I even started him in Search and Rescue a year before his diagnosis. This boy knew how to live and didn't take one minute for granted. We all could of learned a life lesson from him! I shared a bond with him like non other and when I lost him to Cancer it was the hardest and saddest day of my life. From the moment my boy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma ( Bone Cancer ) of the skull, we started our fight to take this tumor down. After taking him to an Oncologist and Neurologist we thought it was in Trotter's best interest to pursue with Chemo and Radiation treatments. Our fight was successful for nine months, then we were side swipped with another Cancer forming in his liver ( Histiocytic Sarcoma ), which was very rapid in growth and spread within a few weeks. On March 4th, 2014 I decided to end my sweet boys pain. He gave me so much love and the last thing that I wanted was to let him suffer. Well, shortly after losing him our Office Manager ( Peggy Wilson ) and one of our very dear clients and friend ( Lisa Walters )came up with an idea to start a Cancer Fund in Trotter's name. They knew how special he was to me and wanted his memory to live on and to also help other special canines in need. The Trotter Cancer Fund was put together to help our human canine parents continue the fight against this terrible disease. Cancer treatment can be very expensive from possible needed surgeries, chemo treatments, to possible radiation therapy and medications. If you would like to donate please call our hospital (850) 233-7091 or send a check payable to Breeze Animal Hospital @ 9222 Back Beach Rd. PCB, FL. 32405. If you donate we will be sure to send or give you a Trotter Cancer Fund magnet. Thank you for helping in our continued fight against this terrible disease.

Pets that have benefited from the Trotter Cancer Fund-

Meet Dexter, he belongs to one of our long term employees, Laura. Dexter was diagnosed with Pancreatic Insulinoma that has been medically managed and he is doing great!:)....As of 2015 Dexter lost his fight to Pancreatic Insulinoma.RIP sweet little man you will be forever missed.:*(

Meet Poppy, she belongs to Jason. Jason is a local police officer and rescued this sweet girl almost two years ago. Since her rescue he has been training her in Search and Rescue and she has been very active in our community. This girl needed our help! She had several very aggressive mammary tumors and needed surgery to have them removed.We are waiting on Results.


 We lost Poppy to this aggressive cancer late Fall of 2014, she survived almost 4 months post diagnosis. This girl was a fighter and will be greatly missed! RIP sweet girl.:(


Meet Buster! He came to us a few weeks ago in need of an abdominal exploratory, his abdomen was very distended and had free floating blood present. His owners unfortunately could not afford his surgery and post needed care because we highly suspected Cancer. So, they decided that it was in his best interest to sign over rights to us. We stabilized him for 24 hours on IV fluids and injectable meds and took him to surgery the following day. We then found an 8lb. tumor attached to his spleen and a few more abnormalities of his lymph nodes and liver. Histopathology is still pending at this time but we highly suspect an aggressive Cancer. For now this sweet boy is being spoiled by our staff and Buster's hero, Dr. Mandy Webb. Buster does have a home for his end of life care and treatment. We do have high hopes that this boy continues to stay strong and to take this Cancer down! Wish him the best! As of 2017 Buster is doing great in his forever home and is cancer free!:))))


This is "Sunny" Martinez...she was seen in 3/2016 for an oral tumor and it was excised. Unfortunately this was an aggressive tumor and returned a few months after removal. Sunny lost her fight to cancer in 11/2016. She will be greatly missed! RIP sweet Sunny girl.:*(


This is Maggie Moo, Ezell! She is a sweet 4 year old German Shepherd who is very important to her human parent, Helen, who has been battling Breast Cancer these past few years. The Trotter Cancer Fund has been able to take care of Maggie's routine care these past few years and keep her healthy so she can take care of her human mom! 


This is "Ash", Cromer...Ash was seen in 8/2016 and was diagnosed with IMHA ( Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia ) and lost his tough battle in 9/2016. He was such a sweet boy and will be greatly missed. RIP sweet Ash;*(


Meet Dakota...she is a black Goldendoodle. She was recently diagnosed with idiopathic pericarditis. Since surgery at the Specialty clinic she has been doing great! :)))))